The Réserve Supports The Natural History Museum For Nesting Marine Birds

Noddi brun | Brown Noddy
Noddi brun | Brown Noddy

Action PR2

  • Develop and appreciate scientific collaborations (priority 1)

Action CS23, 24

  • Study of shore birds and their nesting habits

The Natural History Museum asked the Réserve Naturelle to be their go-between in Saint Martin. Antoine Chabrolle, advisor to the Museum and active with the National Network For Marine Birds, was particularly interested by the data produced concerning nesting marine birds, especially the least tern, the red-billed tropicbird, and the brown noddy. From March through June 2023, the Réserve counted the least terns at the salt ponds, as well as the red-billed tropicbird and the brown noddy at their coastal sites.

The data was sent to the Museum, as a means to augment the information already compiled from sites throughout the Caribbean.

Paille-en-queue à bec rouge | Red-billed tropicbird
Paille-en-queue à bec rouge | Red-billed tropicbird

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To maintain or improve local conditions for nesting bird populations

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