A Perfect Intern

Carla Martinez
Carla Martinez

Action MS21

  • A Ensure the recruitment, supervision and training of volunteers and interns

Carla Martinez, a first-year student in a nature management and protection course at the Aix-Valabre High School in Gardanne, France, did a two-month internship at the Réserve Naturelle from May 22 to July 12, 2023. Full of energy, she participated in all the activities of the Réserve, be it the monitoring of sea turtles, birds, and Biohuts, or academic activities in the classroom and in the field. She also worked on the installation of an exhibit of shells, creating informational sheets and kakemono hanging scrolls. The Réserve Naturelle would like to thank her for being motivated, pro-active, and highly professional.

Five interns, from three different middle schools on the island and the Northern Islands High School, got their taste of the professional world within the Réserve Naturelle for a week in January 2023. They learned about the various departments and jobs related to the environment.

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