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Réserve Naturelle de St-Martin


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Pierre Aliotti, président de l’association de gestion de la Réserve naturelle de Saint-Martin

As president of the management association for La Réserve Naturelle de Saint-Martin since its inception in 1998, Harvey Viotty filled the role selflessly and with great enthusiasm. Stepping into his shoes, I am committed to perpetuating the same spirit that guides La Réserve since its debut: a sense of dialogue, goodwill, comprehension, respect for the specificities of our island and its regulations, all of which are the fundamentals of success, and deeply ingrained in our ethos. There is an enormous amount of work to do, and we must prioritize in order to relaunch the management plan for 2018-2027, while trying to meet its 49 objectives, as outlined in 125 actions. As the management association, we bring our experience and our level of expertise to the development and improvement of the island of Saint Martin. In addition, to best protect it, we need to reinforce our economic model by way of innovative new tools for management, protection, and compensation. Anticipate climate changes, better understand the challenges to better control them, be prepared for the risks of a hurricane… The work of the staff of the natural reserve goes beyond that of its management goals. The needs are apparent: - protect the mangrove, and establish the first natural barrier against hurricane swells; - protect the beaches as egg-laying sites for sea turtles, and guarantee that these spots do not disappear due to erosion, rising sea levels, or urbanization; - preserve the integrity of our natural resources, and improve the quality of life for the residents of Saint Martin; - protect the marine milieu, the coral, the underwater plant beds, and also support the tourism, hotels, and the nautical sector, the economic pillars of Saint Martin. A rather recent sense of awareness on an international level has shined a spotlight on the fact that the economic services provided by nature are massive, and that we must do our best to protect it, reinforce it, and institute long-term development programs that respect our eco-systems. New paradigms for growth must be created at every level of the island. With its years of experience, La Réserve Naturelle is a tool that can be called upon to help the French government, the Collectivité, businesses, associations, and individuals who need assistance or an objective opinion on the various development and improvement programs for Saint Martin.


Pierre Aliotti, president of the management association for La Réserve Naturelle de Saint-Martin

Réserve Naturelle de St-Martin


Carte de la Réserve Naturelle

Over the past few months, in discussions with its various partners—thought-leaders, elected officials, civil servants—as well as the general population, La Réserve naturelle realized that many of these people did not have a clear or precise vision of the protected areas in the natural reserve, which could lead to a lack of understanding or cause problems with regulatory issues. In order to allow everyone to easily find information that might be of interest to them, the link below allows...+ infos

Le comité consultatif réuni le 18 mai 2021 - The advisory committee met on May 18, 2021

The advisory committee for La Réserve Naturelle met on May 18, 2021, supervised by Serge Goutheyron, prefect. All members were there and approved the annual report for 2020, as well as the accountant’s report for 2020 and the initial budget for 2021.+ infos

Des graines et des pousses de palétuviers - Mangrove seeds and seedlings

A biodiversity nursery and restoring a wetlands wasteland

Initiated by La Réserve Naturelle and the Saint Martin North Rotary Club several months after hurricane Irma destroyed large swathes of the island’s wetlands, especially in French Quarter, the biodiversity nursery has been operational for the past two years. With several thousand mangrove seeds and seedlings planted close to the Salines d’Orient salt pond, the nursery is a tool in the fight to restore these essential areas...+ infos


Supported by the management association of La Réserve Naturelle de Saint-Martin and included in its 2018-2027 management plan, the ICBI is moving forward. Following a public inquiry led by the prefecture in Saint-Martin at the end of 2020, Nicolas Maslach presented this ambitious project to the island’s public authorities. The Collectivité, The Economic, Social, and Cultural Council, The Inter-Professional Consular Chamber; The Neighborhood Council of Grand-Case, The Territorial Urbanism...+ infos

Bateaux au mouillage sauvage devant l’îlet Pinel - Illegal mooring of boats at the island of Pinel

Installation of ecological moorings

The project to install ecological moorings, notably at Pinel, Tintamarre, Rocher Créole, and other protected sites, was presented by Nicolas Maslach. In explaining this strategy, the director of La Réserve put an accent on the fact that in a protected marine zone, much less in a national natural reserve, the management of moorings and the development of the nautical sector and related economic opportunities should not take place at the detriment...+ infos

Last but not least, the management association for La Réserve Naturelle de Saint-Martin has been recognized by prefectural decree as an environmental protection association (Decree 2021-105).

This recognition bestowed on the management association for La Réserve Naturelle de Saint-Martin primarily provides facilitated access to information and meetings of public organizations whose subjects are related to environmental conservation. The association also now has legal presumption...+ infos

Key factors of success1 : Keeping an eye on the regulations and the level of human activities compatible with the goals of La Réserve

Carte de la Réserve

A new prefectural decree regulates practices and commercial activities in La Réserve Naturelle Facteur clé de réussite 1 : Veiller au respect de la réglementation et à une pratique des activités humaines compatible avec les objectifs de la Réserve Un arrêté

At the previous advisory committee meeting in 2020, the members validated the signature of a prefectural decree that would clarify public practices and commercial activities in the protected marine and terrestrial zones within...+ infos

Long Term Goal N°1 : Understanding and Monitoring Our Natural Heritage

Le mérou géant observé le 22 octobre 2020 - The giant grouper seen on October 22, 2020

Good News For The Life Biodiv’Om Project

Des alevins identifiés - Identify alevins Halfway through its completion, after two and a half years of work, the Life Biodiv’Om project was submitted to an audit from Europe, led by an...+ infos

Tortue échouée après une rencontre avec un engin nautique motorisé A sea turtle washed ashore after being hit by a motorized nautical vehicle

Training of veterinarians to treat sea turtles

Veterinarians in Saint Martin who were interested to learn more about treating injured sea turtles took part in a training via video conference led by a veterinarian, the France Sea Turtles Group, and the Museum of Natural History. In the absence of a treatment center dedicated to the care of sea turtles, this training met a real need, as the number of injured sea turtles washing ashore has multiplied in recent years.+ infos

Baleine à bosse et son baleineau - A humpback whale and her caf l © Laurent Bouveret

Update on the Cari’mam Project

On January 19, 2021, the steering committee for the Cari’mam project, led by the Agoa sanctuary, and La Réserve Naturelle did an update on the advancement of the parts of the project intended for Saint Martin. The management association for La Réserve Naturelle de Saint-Martin (AGRNSM) evoked the impossibility of launching the 2020-2021 Megara campaign, due to lack of prefinancing, due to difficulties caused by Covid 19. As the project is financed by...+ infos

La station d’épuration de la pointe des Canonniers - The watert reatment plant at the Pointe des Canonniers

EEASM: Surveillance of the quality of wastewater

As part of the surveillance of the quality of wastewater from water treatment plants by the Établissement de l’eau et de l’assainissement de Saint-Martin (EEASM), a meeting was held on January 12, 2021 at the prefecture at the request of the DEAL (Direction for the Environment, Sanitation, and Housing). This meeting, which was attended by La Réserve Naturelle, was led by Bruno Grézillier, a specialist in the subject of the quality...+ infos

Suivi de la population de Melocactus Intortus à Cactus Place - Study of the Melocactus Intortus population at Cactus Place

Scientific Study of Melocactus Intortus

Close to 2500 individual Melocactus Intortus cactus, an iconic and protected species, were evaluated at the following three sites: Cactus Place, Wilderness, and Babit Point. This impressive number was reached by Maât Matheux, an intern at La Réserve Naturelle from March 29 through May 15, 2021. She is also a student at the University of Villeurbanne, where she is studying life sciences with an accent on biodiversity. Her task consisted of...+ infos

Chantal Imperiale sur le terrain Fieldwork for Chantal Imperiale

Une CPE en stage à la Réserve naturelle

Chantal Impériale, CPE au collège Soualiga, en formation pour un BTS « Gestion et protection de la nature » avec une école d’Angers, à distance, a effectué son stage pratique d’une durée de huit semaines à la réserve naturelle. Pendant ce stage, elle a fait avancer le projet Life Biodiv’Om, ainsi que les suivis scientifiques et les autres actions du pôle scientifique.

Transfert de savoir-faire

Un transfert de savoir-faire,...+ infos

Surveillance by Territorial Environmental Police

Une tourterelle - A turtledove

During the first quarter of 2021, the technical office and the nature police of La Réserve Naturelle ran 178 control patrols: 79 patrols on land and 99 at sea. Of these, 30 controls were judged non-conforming: 16 on land and 14 at sea. Three reports were made for infractions.

Action SP2 Continue and Reinforce Missions by the Environmental Police

A decree to regulate hunting

On May 6 2021, as a local ornithology expert, Julien Chalifour participated in a video...+ infos

Panneaux solaires sur l’îlet Pinel - Solar Panels on Pinel Islet
  • On April 15, 2021, Julien Chalifour was the civil party in the judgment of S.L. in the criminal court and requested 1 euro in damages and interest. In October 2020, when S. L. was on a scooter and caused a traffic jam on the road in Cul-de-Sac. When drivers on the road started honking with impatience, he decided to make a fast u-turn against two lanes of traffic, causing Chalifour to slam on his brakes to avoid him. Rather agitated, S. L. – who had just recognized the agent as the
  • ...+ infos
Les gardes assermentés et la brigade nautique de la gendarmerie en mission conjointe The certified guards of La Réserve and the nautical brigade of the gendarmerie on a joint mission

Collaboration with the gendarmerie

For many years, the environmental police at La Réserve have worked in collaboration with the gendarmerie, and exchange information regularly with various services and the military.

  • The local chief of mobile gendarmes regularly invites La Réserve to meet the new squads when they arrive on the island.
  • La Réserve and the Security and Intervention Squad of the Gendarmerie (PSIG) share their information via two WhatsApp
  • ...+ infos

Long term goal N°3 : Participation In Rechearch - PR

Lambi - Conch

Develop a tool to identify the provenance of conch

From March 30-April 1, La Réserve Naturelle hosted Julien Lopez-Pardo, from the technical knowledge unit at the OFB in Guadeloupe. His mission concerned an isotopic method of detecting the origin of conch. The agents of La Réserve Naturelle provided logisical support for this mission, at the sites of Grand-Case and Orient Bay, where they dove from the reserve’s boat to capture 40 conchs. The hope of the OFB is to create a...+ infos

Meetings to protect of our biodiversity

participed in a video conference on the theme of “Sciences For Action,” organized by Reseach Foundation On Biodiversity (FRB), in partnership with the French Office of Biodiversity (OFB). This third year of these meetings was dedicated to the Overseas Territories, with an eye toward defining the next national strategy for biodiversity for 2022-2030. The goal of these meetings is to identify the challenges and potential solutions for the...+ infos

A Beneficial CSTPN Meeting

On March 25, 2021, a video conference was held for the members of the Territorial Scientific and Natural Heritage Council (CSTPN). Composed of 19 scientists, this group provides advisory opinions related to the conservation of the natural heritage of the island, and particularly on the impact of development projects on protected species. Michel Vély, chairman of the association Megaptera, is the president, and his vice-president is Julien Chalifour, head...+ infos

Long Term Goal N°4 : Education and creation of communication materials - CC

Le panneau installé par les gardes de la Réserve sur la plage de Baie blanche, à Tintamarre - The sign installed by the staff of La Réserve on the beach at Baie Blanche on Tintamarre

A sign to protect our sea plant beds

As announced at the end of 2020, the sign promised by Rebecca James to La Réserve Naturelle has been installed at the edge of the beach at Baie Blanche on Tintamarre. This sign was financed by the NWO Caribbean as part of the SCENES project, with thanks to the support of La Réserve for the work done by this young doctoral student on the importance of the stabilizing role played by sea plants in limiting coastal erosion. Bilingual, French/...+ infos

A whale, a grouper, and a parrotfish, financed by Agoa, have joined the dolphin, the turtle, and the tropicbird previously financed by Contour Global. All of these sculptures are tools for the pedagogical service as part of the awareness campaigns developed by the Reserve.+ infos

Long Term Goal N°5 : Hospitality and Activities Services - PA

Emergence de bébés tortues luth - Emergence of baby leatherback turtles

Ensure communications campaigns for awareness and education about the environment

Sea turtles at Orient Bay: restaurants educated on good behavior

As part of the agreement signed with Sindextour, the company that manages the five restaurants on the beach in Orient Bay, the employees of these restaurants attended a training session on February 24, 2021. They have been made aware of the correct behavior to adopt when a sea turtle comes to the beach to lay its eggs,...+ infos

Nicolas Maslach s’entretient avec des spectateurs - Nicolas Maslach addresses the attendees

Successful lecture on humpback whales

On March 28, 2021, approximately 100 people attended a lecture on humpback whales held at La Chapelle at Orient Bay. This lecture was organized and presented by Michel Vély, chairman of the association Megaptera, and Nicolas Maslach, director of La Réserve.+ infos

Visite pédagogique d’une classe de maternelle à la pépinière - A nursery school class on a pedagogical visit to a plant nursery

Continual growth of activities for the pedagogical

plongée virtuelle - A disabled student exploring the underwater world via a virtual dive

La Réserve’s pedagogical...+ infos

Observation de saut d’une baleine à bosse Observation of a humpback whale jumping


  • On May 15-16, 2021, thanks to the pedagogical department of La Réserve Naturelle, three Happy School classes – CE2, CM1 et CM2 – had the opportunity to spend a half-day sailing on a large catamaran, and certain were lucky enough to observe humpback whales jumping in the sea. Pedagogical activities in the classroom environment
  • Be it with nursery, elementary, or middle school students, one can see that the trees from the mangrove nursery created by La Réserve
  • ...+ infos

Numerous classes were able to observe birds at the salt ponds thanks to binoculars paid for by Contour Global. These binoculars allow the students to discover various species that are hard to approach. These are the kinds of tools the pedagogical department uses during its awareness campaigns.

Two interns volunteer at La Réserve

Léa Lannuzel, a License 3 student at the University of Rennes, and Maëva Vignal, a BTS GPN student in an agricultural high school in Corsica,...+ infos

A virtual dive for the Fête de la Nature

For the 15th edition of the Fête de la Nature, La Réserve Naturelle organized an island discovery program in collaboration with EDF Archipel Guadeloupe. On Wednesday, March 19, ten participants were able to visit Salines d’Orient and the rich ecosystem found in this wetlands area. The morning of Saturday, March 22 was dedicated to a guided walk along the Sentier des Froussards, and the afternoon was time for a virtual dive into the...+ infos

Long Term Goal N°6 : Management and support - MS

- Une partie de la donation de coquillages - A portion of the donated shells

Action MS20 Seek new means of funding

An internship to optimize the finances of La Réserve

Camille Truc-Delprat, studying for a master’s in the “Economy of the Environment and Its Natural Resources” at the Toulouse School of Economics, is interning at La Réserve Naturelle from May 24 through September 24, 2021. Her goal is to research and propose innovative methods of funding based on the value of the indirect services rendered to the island of Saint Martin by the...+ infos

- 3000 à 5000 chèvres en liberté à Saint-Barth - 3000 to 5000 wild goats in Saint Barth

MobBiodiv’Restoration of terrestrial zones: the winners

As part of the French Recovery Plan, the OFB sent out a call for projects titled “MobBiodiv’Restoration of Terrestrial Zones 2021.” The French Antilles selection committee, which includes Julien Chalifour, met via video conference on May 26, to examine and evaluate the four projects in competition for the French Antilles:

  • Ecological restoration of the former communal dump
  • ...+ infos
Le comité national Ifrecor s’est tenu à Saint-Martin en 2019 - The national Ifrecor committee met in Saint Martin in 2019

Ifrecor and La Réserve naturelle

Nicolas Maslach and Julien Chalifour were interviewed via video conference on May 26, 2021 by a consulting firm hired by the French government to do an audit on the functioning of Ifrecor (French Initiative For Coral Reefs), on a national as well as a local level. In Saint Martin, as there has not been a formal request made by the Collectivité, La Réserve Naturelle has been the official local — and efficient — representative of Ifrecor for many...+ infos

Long Term Goal N°7 : Creation and maintenance of a reception infrastructure and equipment CI

La barrière financée par l’EEASM - The fence financed by the EEASM

Respect the principle “avoid, reduce, compensate.”

The Water and Sanitation Bureau of Saint Martin (EEASM) having added pipes along the Etang des Salines d’Orient, in order to link Orient Bay to the French Quarter water treatment plant, also financed the replacement of the fence along the pond. La Réserve had to take down the old fence to facilitate the burying of the pipes. This work was done in the spirit of “avoid, reduce, compensate” that allowed La Réserve to place a new, 463...+ infos

Long Term Goal N°8 : Natural Heritage Intervention - IP

Gaspard Dubois

An internship to limit damage at Pinel

Gaspard Dubois, a second-year student at the Sorbonne with a double-major in geoscience and Chinese, was hosted by La Réserve Naturelle from May 24 to July 20, 2021. His goal was to create a bibliographical review for the island of Pinel and do an appraisal about the state of health of the biotope on this small island, which is subject to diverse pressure from humans, especially from the commercial installations located there. The student...+ infos


Fight against exotic, invasive species

On May 31 – June 3, 2021, La Réserve Naturelle hosted a professional training session organized by the OFB on the subject of management of exotic, invasive species. This training, led by the French committee for the UICN and Julien Chalifour, was attended by 15 participants from all across the French Caribbean. The first three days were dedicated to theoretical questions. What is a biological invasion? What are the consequences? How to detect...+ infos


Nicolas Maslach

- Nicolas Maslach

Directeur et Conservateur de la Réserve Naturelle Nationale de Saint-Martin, assermenté.
Tel : 0690 38 77 71

Franck Roncuzzi

- Franck Roncuzzi

Responsable du pôle police de la nature et logistique, assermenté.
Tel : 0690 57 95 55

Julien Chalifour

- Julien Chalifour

Responsable du pôle scientifique, assermenté
Tel : 0690 34 77 10

Vincent Oliva

- Vincent Oliva

Responsable du Pôle Education à l’environnement, assermenté.
Tel :0690 53 59 01

Christophe Joe

- Christophe Joe

Garde animateur et technique, assermenté

Ashley Daniel

- Ashley Daniel

Garde animateur et technique,

Aude Berger

- Aude Berger

Chef de projet LIFE BIODIV'OM - Pôle scientifique .

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