Fauna Saint Barthélemy-Saint Martin: A Local Portal To Share Your Nature Observations

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  • Raise public awareness about the goals of the Reserve and our natural heritage

Everyone now has the possibility to share their observations of the fauna in Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy on the platform faune-SBSM.org and the NaturaList app, where one finds the nature lovers of these islands. The site includes a page with news about the fauna of the French West Indies, as well as a gateway to the scientific world, and a database that will be enriched with the addition of everyone’s data. In the field, one simply needs to start the app to enter and transmit their data immediately. If there is no internet connection, the information can be synchronized for later posting. Observe and photograph birds, terrestrial and marine mammals, reptiles, amphibians, dragon flies, butterflies… and share. All the data is validated by a committee of experts whose primary goal is to best protect local species by raising awareness about them.
The Fauna-SBSM platform is coordinated by the French Society For The Protection of Birds (LPO) and financed by the BIODIV’OM LIFE project. It is managed in partnership with, among others, the Réserve Naturelle de Saint-Martin. The data collected in Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy is sent via the Faune-Antilles portal, which combines the entries from Martinique and Guadeloupe.

In February 2023, ornithologist Vincent Lemoine completed his inventory and monitoring project, which was presented in detail in the preceding issue of this journal. Tasked by the LPO as part of the BIODIV’OM LIFE project in Saint Martin, whose goals include the designation of a ZICO (Zone of interest for the conservation of birds), Lemoine’s goal was to map the species present on the island and create an inventory. His next report, which will list local species and indicate those species that need protection, will help define the zones of interest for the conservation of birds. All of Lemoine’s observations made on the island were entered on Faune Antilles.

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