Marine Fauna Colonize Biohuts

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Action CS3

  • Develop and test rehabilitation programs for coral communities and associated species

Action CS7

  • Develop and test seagrass rehabilitation programs

A total of 40 Biohuts have been installed since 2022 thanks to financing through the France Relance plan at sites ranging from the Port of Galisbay, Fort Louis Marina, and the marina at Anse Marcel. Intended to alleviate the impact of man-made development along the coasts, these artificial habitats serve as nurseries and serve as shelter for fish and crustaceans for the first stages of their lives. This increases their chances of survival and promotes the recolonization of adjacent areas by marine fauna. The interiors of these compartmentalized cages are filled with conch shells, increasing their complexity and creating niches that are favorable for the colonization of post-larvae and juvenile fish. The Biohuts are regularly monitored including 32 underwater visits to evaluate their populations.

Maël Andrieux, a master’s candidate in the study of Water Sciences and Aquatic Ecosystems at the Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour, did an internship at the Réserve Naturelle de Saint-Martin to complete his degree. He was in charge of the project to alleviate the impact of expanded port facilities on the coastal biodiversity of Saint Martin, and he actively participated in the monitoring of the 40 Biohuts, in addition to working on public informational signage at three different sites: Galisbay, Marina Fort Louis, and the Anse Marcel marina. This important step in his curriculum will allow him to integrate aspects of logistical and financial project management into his thesis, as well as lead exchanges with partners managing major economic infrastructures for our region. He presented the fruits of his labor in September 2023, to complete his Master’s.
Maël Andrieux
Maël Andrieux

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To promote the conservation of seagrass beds and related marine plant species

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