Businesses Meet With Réserve Agents

Control at Creole Rock | Contrôle au Rocher Créole
Control at Creole Rock | Contrôle au Rocher Créole

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  • Train commercial operators carrying out their activity on the reserve

52 commercial businesses, 29 French and 23 foreign— primarily daily boat rental companies and dive clubs—have authorization to work within the Réserve Naturelle. On January 10 & 11, a number of these businesses geared to tourism accepted an invitation to meet with agents of the Réserve. The meeting went well, the businesses shared their expectations and their challenges, and the agents answered their questions and explained the rules and best practices within the protected areas.

The French companies pay a fee of two euros per person/per day, and their foreign counterparts pay five euros. In 2022 these fees, used primarily for the installation and maintenance of buoys and moorings at such sites as Tintamarre, Pinel, and Rocher Créole, brought in 155,865 euros for the Réserve Naturelle.

Anyone who wants to partner with the Réserve should make a request in October. Their request will be sent to the Direction de la Mer, in order to verify that all conditions related to their activity have been met, Once this validation has been obtained, the AGRNSM decides on the application. The authorization is temporary and can be suspended or revoked if any rules are broken by the company in question. The partner businesses are the first to share the message about environmental protection by promoting the local natural heritage.

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