Morning Activities To Promote Grouper

Plantation de palétuviers | Mangrove plantation
Plantation de palétuviers | Mangrove plantation

Action PA6

  • Raise public awareness for the goals of the Reserve and our natural heritage

The Réserve Naturelle organized “Grouper Morning” at the Baie de l’Embouchure, on Saturday, 25th March 2023. The public was invited to a pop-up village with stands built for the occasion. Various activities were on the program: a presentation by Aude Berger about the Giant Grouper and the Nassau Grouper; a bird-watching walk led by Julien Chalifour; planting of mangroves at the Etang des Salines d’Orient with the help of volunteers and intern Maël Andrieux; virtual dives with Vincent Oliva and Maël Andrieux using 360° virtual reality headsets; and to conclude, a big treasure hunt to encourage protection of nature. A terrific morning, which also saw the participation of two students getting their professional baccalaureate in sales at the Académie des Métiers.

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