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Melocactus intortus
Melocactus intortus

The Réserve Authorized To Report Infringements To The Environmental Code

Requisitioned by the prosecutor and at the request of the research section of the gendarmerie, the Réserve Naturelle is authorized to report infringements of rules concerning protected species and milieux, especially such species as sea turtles and Turk’s Head cactus, on the beach in Orient Bay. These infringements to the environmental code, as reported by agents of the Réserve, were committed during the rebuilding of five beach restaurants. All of the beaches of Saint Martin are considered as sites for egg-laying by sea turtles, and as a result, protected. Which means that all development and use of the beaches is restricted in order to promote the conservation of the sea turtle population.

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Keeping an eye on the regulations and the level of human activities compatible with the goals of La Réserve

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