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L’étang aux Poissons
L’étang aux Poissons

The History of Tsunamis In The Region

To better understand the history of tsunamis and what causes them: that was the goal of the scientific research led by the BRGM (Bureau of Geological and Mining Research) at the Etang aux Poissons, a protected natural site, from June 23-August 13, 2021. Hosted by the Réserve Naturelle as part of the CARESSE 21 paleoseismology mission, scientists studied the layers of sediment, via sonic seismic prospection with four core samples, in order to identify eventual perturbations on a major scale. The idea was to detect the traces of tsunamis, as these tidal waves are one of the physical responses of the ocean to an earthquake, a hurricane, or volcanic eruption. The BRGM conducted identical experiences in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Antigua, and Barbuda. The results of the experiences at all of these sites will be compared to confirm the date of a past tsunami. These physical phenomena are determining elements to help understand and explain the methods of installation for animal and vegetal species and more specifically the apparition of our endemic species.

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