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Permanent Recording Of Whale Songs

On June 9, 2021, like they do every month, the Réserve recovered the hydrophone submerged since February 2021 at a depth of 15 meters to record the sounds that reverberate in “the world of silence,” most notably the songs of marine mammals, as part of the CARI’MAM project. The data recorded on a memory card is sent to researchers at the University of Montpellier, who use artificial intelligence to learn how to recognize the different species of marine mammals. Eventually, this will also be used to automatically handle the hours of recordings, completely autonomously, and produce entirely new kinds of data. The hydrophone is submerged between the small islands of Tintamarre and Scrub, in French waters, where it records one minute every five minutes, 24/7. Its batteries must be changed once a month.

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