Action CS3 Develop and Test Restoration of Coral and Associated Species (Priority 2)

Une biohut et des alevins | A biohut with juvenile fish
Une biohut et des alevins | A biohut with juvenile fish

Juvenile Fish Appreciate The BioHuts

If exploratory fishing missions, as part of the BIODIV’OM Life project, aim to document and describe the arrival of post-larvae by our shores, the installation in February 2020 of 14 BioHuts, actual huts to protect out coastal biodiversity, add a complementary approach, The huts are also part of a study on the colonization of small coastal areas, as well as the study of the two species of grouper cited. On September 2, a dive took place to observe these artificial habitats, where juvenile fish can mature, out of the reach of their predators. The metal mesh of these BioHuts allow observation of the young fish and serves as a support for the development of the food they need. This second approach also allows the observation of other species, less sensitive to light, who escaped from the exploratory fisheries.

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