Action PA5 Two Projects Promote Biodiversity

As part of the eleventh call for the funding of initiatives to promote biodiversity in Overseas France, launched in April 2021 by the OFB (French Biodiversity Office) and its partner Te Me Um, two projects presented by the Réserve Naturelle de Saint-Martin were selected.

  • The first, in the “micro-projects” category, will allow students from four fifth grade classes and a sixth grade class to be taught about the management of exotic invasive species. The program comprises five visits by the Réserve in each class, before going on a field trip to observe the exotic and invasive vegetal and animal species, such as the coral vine, the common iguana, the rat, and the giant African snail. The budget of 4,276 euros will be used to purchase cameras, tablets, and GPS devices.
  • The second project, under the “partner” banner, is based on the reappropriation of the natural heritage of Saint Martin by its younger generations, and particularly the two educational marine zone classes at the Clair Saint-Maximin school. These students will learn how to make a diagnosis of the beaches in their marine zone and determine if it is favorable— or not—for egg laying by sea turtles. The grant of 20,000 euros allows for the financing of various tools: workbooks, anatomical sculptures of marine animals, VR masks, videos and virtual dives, t-shirts, and caps.

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