Yarari, the new dutch sanctuary

Paul Hoetjes a reçu en cadeau une carte marine montrant les deux sanctuaires, Agoa et Yarari © Jean Vallette
Paul Hoetjes received the gift of a map showing the two sanctuaries, Agoa and Yarari © Jean Vallette

Paul Hoetjes, coordinator of the nature policy for the Dutch minister of economic affairs, presented the Yarari sanctuary during the management council meeting on November 6, 2015.

Yarari, same as Agoa, is an Amerindian term that can be translated as “haven of peace,” or “area of wellbeing.” And like Agoa, the goal is to protect marine mammals, but also sharks and rays. Concretely, a detailed set of regulations defines the protection of these marine animals in a wide series of domains, from maritime transport and motorboat competitions to the formal interdiction to catch sharks. Yarari covers the national waters of Saba and Bonaire, two islands that are part of the realm of The Netherlands, and will soon include Saint Eustache as well. Sint Maarten, Curacao, and Aruba have expressed their interest in the project but have to hold a vote by their politicians. The idea is to multiply the protected marine zones throughout the Caribbean, where marine mammals are still hunted on occasion on such islands as Saint Vincent, Bequia, and The Grenadines.

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