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Agoa autour de Saint-Martin et Saint-Barthélemy
Agoa autour de Saint-Martin et Saint-Barthélemy

Happy to see the protection of marine mammals increase in the Caribbean,

Romain Renoux, representative of the Agoa sanctuary in Saint Martin, and Amandine Eynaudi, director for Agoa for the Agency Of Protected Marine Zones, are working on a protocol for exchanges between Agoa, Yarari, and the Dominican sanctuary La Samana. Five axes of cooperation have been unveiled:

  • Scientific cooperation through the exchange of technical information and scientific protocol, to eventually standardize practices in the three sanctuaries, with identical methods of data acquisition;
  •  Standardization of management for these protected marine zones, with the creation of a management plan, the definition of indicators, and the adoption of a common whale watching guide; 
  • Transparence in the governance between sanctuaries, notably through the invitation of all to important meetings;
  • Shared tools for environmental awareness: flyers, posters, videos...
  • And finally the promotion of this Caribbean initiative on a global scale to reinforce the link between the sanctuaries and for the protection of marine mammals.


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