La Réserve naturelle de Saint-Martin est une aire marine protégée de 30km2 située au nord-est de l’île de Saint-Martin. Créé en 1998, cet espace préserve les cinq principaux écosystèmes de l’île : récifs coralliens, mangroves, herbiers de phanérogames, étangs et forêt sèche littorale. La Réserve gère également les 14 étangs du Conservatoire du littoral et ses 11 km de rivages terrestres naturels.

Forbidden from the Réserve for 15 days

Le Rocher Créole Creole Rock © Christophe Joe
Le Rocher Créole Creole Rock © Christophe Joe

Feeding fish in the Réserve Naturelle is forbidden.

A sea excursion operator learned the hard way when the rangers surprised him in the act of feeding the fish with his clients, while moored at Creole Rock. He was forbidden from the Réserve Naturelle for two weeks during the Christmas holiday period. Feeding the fish is forbidden for numerous reasons, such as: certain fish can become aggressive and dangerous species can be attracted, this artificial addition of organic material can have a negative impact on the environment, the food can pollute the water, the aliments are not always adapted to fish in the sea and can have negative consequences on their health…

A company based in Saint Barth and a partner of the Réserve Naturelle was excluded from the Reserve for two weeks

for having used a Sea-Doo - a small sea scooter whose usage is forbidden in the Réserve - at Tintamare. This company had been warned on several occasions, but apparently did not heed the warning.

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Police Activity

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