Key points of the second management council

Conseil de Gestion
De gauche à droite / From left to right : Romain Renoux, de la Réserve naturelle, représentant du sanctuaire Agoa à Saint-Martin; Benoît Chauvin, élu de Saint-Barthélemy et vice-président d’Agoa ; Yvon Combes, président d’Agoa ; Ramona Connor, vice-présid

The Agency of Protected Marine Zones manages Agoa, which in turn is run by a management council.

After a first meeting held in Martinique on May 21, 2015, this council held its second meeting à Saint Martin, on November 6, 2015. The 53 members of Agoa’s management council followed a very full agenda, of which one of the key points was the results of a major study on commercial activities in the waters of Agoa—activities that represent a potential threat to marine mammals. They examined measures to take in reinforcing the protection of these large animals, and decided, for example, that whale-watching operators will have future training to make sure they follow the best behavior at sea, and better understand the different species and their way of life. More long-term, large boats, such as cruise ships and cargo ships, which represent potential collision danger for large marine mammals, will be taught how to take their protection into account. The council was pleased to welcome the creation of the Yarari sanctuary and officially proposed that the two projected zones be twinned.

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