An atlas to protect the sea turtles

Léa Daures à l’îlet Pinel, sur le terrain
Léa Daures, out in the field at Pinel

Thanks to the work done by Léa Daures, a twenty year old student at the Faculty of Science in Montpellier, the atlas showing all the sites where sea turtles nest is now up to date. Five years ago Pauline Malterre, who at the time was officer-in-charge of the scientific department at the reserve, created this atlas together with Eric Delcroix, who was the manager of the sea turtle network in Guadeloupe. This atlas recapitulates the current state of all the beaches that the turtles return to during nesting season. During her voluntary post-license internship, Léa walked all the concerned beaches in order to record any changes that had taken place in 2014. Basing her report on the existing data, she noted any apparent changes to the beach surfaces; an increase or decrease in vegetation, new buildings, and any other factors that could disturb the turtles when laying their eggs; bright lights or noise, for example. This atlas covers all nesting zones for sea turtles throughout the entire French Antilles, and its regular updating is an additional tool that helps towards their preservation.

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