College students are studying Tourism

College students from Mont des Accords at Tintamare
College students from Mont des Accords at Tintamare

The Reserve is continuing to work together with the school establishments as part of “Environmental Communication and Education” that forms part of their plan of action. The 4th year pilot class studying Tourism at the collège in Quartier d’Orléans was particularly spoiled. After an initial presentation given in class by Romain Renoux and Daniel Lewis, these students were taken on two field trips to further their knowledge and explore the reserve. The first trip that took place on May 23rd between the Barrière salt pond and Froussards Trail, gave them the opportunity to see the salt ponds and the coastal area of their island through new eyes. The second field trip had a definite pre-holiday feel about it as they sailed out on the motorized catamaran, Scoobicat, on June 6th. This excursion was the opportunity for them to admire their island from the sea, to discover the smaller islands of Créole Rock, Tintamare and Pinel, and to be made aware of the tourist interest in these magnificent natural sites. Another class, as part of the educational success program, this time from collège Mont des Accords, was lucky enough to embark on an excursion out to sea with Scoobicat on May 16th. The students visited Créole Rock, then Pinel, and they ended their trip off with a long swim at Baie Blanche beach at Tintamare.

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