Police actions

Sand stolen from Grandes Cayes beach
Sand stolen from Grandes Cayes beach

The Reserve also protects its sand

On June 6th, a dishonest man was caught in the act of stealing sand from Grand Cayes beach. The quantity of sand stolen was only 3 bucketfuls; the Reserve guards let him off with a warning.

Paying his debt to society by cleaning up a beach

As part of the agreement signed with the prosecutor and children’s judge, the Reserve hosted two persons guilty of minor offenses that had admitted to their crimes, and agreed to perform TNR (travail non rémunéré - unpaid work) for the benefit of the community. This program is different from TIG (travail d’intérêt général – community service), in that the offenders avoid going to court and entering into procedures that are sometimes unsuitable with regards to the gravity of their acts. Their work consisted of cleaning up Grandes Cayes beach, for one day in June for the first offender, and in August for the second.

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Managing The Impact Of Human Activities In Protected Areas

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