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Plantings at Grandes Cayes
Plantings at Grandes Cayes

17 foolproof moorings at Tintamare

Replacing mooring buoys, that are often the objects of damage and theft, is something that the Reserve is all too familiar with and have perfected over time. For example, by early May there were only 3 mooring buoys left at Tintamare, the team has now put in 17 new buoys that are connected to their mooring by a cord made of steel and nylon that should resist both boat propeller blades and attempted theft.

The Nature Reserve has put their two marker buoys back into Orient Bay, mainly for jet ski users, who by way of the rental companies, should be aware that jet skiing is prohibited in the Reserve.

207 trees planted at Grandes Cayes

In late May a trench was dug and 207 trees were planted along the beach at Grandes Cayes (between the road and the beach), in order to stop people parking there. Blocks were also erected between the trees to help reinforce the matter. Preference was given to three local tree species – the catalpa, sea grape and almond trees - and now all that’s needed is a couple of years and then site will be covered in shade. This work was carried out by the Nature Reserve and the Conservatoire du Littoral, along with the voluntary help of the company Verde, who manages the Ecosite, and the company Jardinia.

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Restoration Of Degraded Areas And Populations

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