Yellow for pleasure boats and white for divers

An engraved yellow mooring buoy

The decision to standardize the color of mooring buoys in Saint Martin, Sint Maarten, Saint Barth, Saba, and Saint Eustatia is already in effect in Saint Martin.
The goal of this project, launched at an annual conference for the Northern Island in September 2011 by the managers of protected marine park zones on these islands, is to simplify communication with pleasure boaters and divers throughout the region, who will know that the yellow buoys are reserved for pleasure boats and the white ones are for dive boats.

Agents from the Réserve have thus installed 17 yellow buoys on mooring blocks at Tintamare, 14 at Pinel, and 3 at Rocher Créole, for a total 34 moorings for pleasure boats.

At Pinel, the six moorings stolen in 2011 have been replaced with environmentally friendly concrete blocks, made with crushed glass instead of gravel.

A total of 16 white buoys are available for dive clubs: 9 at Rocher Créole (6 for dive boats and 3 for dinghies) 1 at Pinel, 1 at Caye Verte, 1 at Basse Espagnole, 3 at Tintamare, and 1 at Galion, near the surf spot.

14 yellow buoys await pleasure boats at Pinel
An engraved yellow mooring buoy

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