Pollution kills hundreds of fish in the Orient Salt Pond

Hundreds of dead fish in the Orient Salt Pond

Why were there hundreds of dead fish in the Orient Salt Pond at the end of 2011? On both November 9 and December 8, the Réserve visited the site, as local residents had alerted them to the situation.
The second time, a water sample was sent to the Institut Pasteur for analysis and the results were revealing: an abnormal level of enterococcus and E coli, much higher than the level found a few months earlier in a test by the Littoral Conservancy. This links the pollution to waste water from toilets.
Perhaps there was a malfunction in one of the private water treatment plants or in the public system that empty into the pond?
The Réserve Naturelle required the operators in question to evaluate their equipment and make any repairs that are needed.
If nothing is done, the Réserve will take the necessary steps to have the situation corrected.


Orient Salt Pond, part of the Réserve Naturelle, is one of the 14 ponds in Saint Martin protected by an act of the prefecture and belonging to the Littoral Conservancy.

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