Eco-site in Grandes Cayes Vigilance Required

Trash has encroached the shoreline

The Réserve Naturelle is keeping a close eye on the ecosite in Grandes Cayes, where most of the trash from the French side of the island is treated, close to the edge of the Réserve, just beyond the high-water mark and a few steps from the Sentier des Froussards.
The company running the eco-site - Verde Environnement Saint-Martin - is currently studying an extension project in order to rationalize these zones and to better deal with the pollution caused by toxic liquids produced by the trash.
On January 26, 2012, president Patrick Villemin took Réserve Naturelle and the Littoral Conservancy to see the site and present the project to them.
After this meeting, Romain Renoux and Béatrice Galdi (from the Littoral Conservancy) sent their opinions to Villemin with an eye to limiting the risk of pollution as much as possible, as well as improve the eco-site itself, by adding landscaping, for example, at the entry to the site.
The management should also remove a large quantity of vegetal debris, that has encroached onto the territory of the Réserve and choked the vegetation, and then replace what has been ruined with stricter respect of the property lines.
It has also been requested to limit trash being carrying as far as the beach by the wind, to avoid pollution from toxic liquids and to ensure the quality of the marine milieus located below the areas where the trash is stocked.

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Managing The Impact Of Human Activities In Protected Areas

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