An award for the underwater trail in Pinel

Pierre Aliotti received the IFRECOR award for the underwater trail in Pinel

The originality of the underwater trail project in Pinel allowed the Collectivity of Saint Martin to receive the top award from the French Initiative For Coral Reefs (IFRECOR) 2011.
This first IFRECOR competition, promoting coral reefs, was open to all administrations in French Overseas zones during the 2011 yearlong celebration of Overseas France and was designed to honor elected officials who had created a sustainable management program for “their” reefs.
Pierre Aliotti, vice president for the environment, was the winner on December 15, 2012 during the 26th general assembly for the International Coral Reef Initiative, which was held on Reunion Island.

This project was made possible thanks to co-financing from the Réserve Naturelle, the Littoral Conservancy, and FEDER funds.

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