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Premier rang, de g. à d. : Chantal Impérial, représentante des écovolontaires ; Ashley Daniel, garde technicien ; Aude Berger, chef de projet Life BIODIV’OM ; Alexina Paya, responsable administratif et financier ; Amandine Bordin, directrice de l’AGRNSM e

Dear members, partners, and friends of the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve,

In this time of reflection and renewed hope, we send you our sincerest wishes for a year filled with peace, health, and environmental progress. May 2024 be the year we move forward together towards a more sustainable future.

The past year has witnessed concerning climate changes and increased pressures on our precious ecosystems. However, it is with a spirit of resilience that we welcome the new year, ready to face these challenges with renewed determination.

In 2024, we will continue to work tirelessly, constantly seeking innovative solutions to protect and restore our environment. Our mission remains clear: to preserve the beauty and diversity of the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve.

We are thankful for the support you have provided and hope that you will continue to walk alongside us on this sometimes arduous path. Together, we can turn small victories into great triumphs for our environment.

With hope and commitment,

The Team at the Association for the Management of the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve

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