Solid Partnership Between The OFB And The AGRNSM

ReCorEA St Martin : protéger les écosystèmes côtiers (financement OFB/ Fond. VEOLIA, Atout France)
ReCorEA St Martin : protéger les écosystèmes côtiers (financement OFB/ Fond. VEOLIA, Atout France)

Action MS36 : Meet and exchange with the managers of the protected natural areas of the Lesser Antilles

On October 6, 2023, the management association of the Saint Martin nature reserve (AGRNSM) received a visit from two eminent representatives of the French Biodiversity Office (OFB): Jean-Michel Zammite, director of overseas territories, and Fabien Barthelat, territorial delegate of the OFB in the Antilles. The two scientists came to promote their funding tools and to discuss their partnership with the manager, particularly through the educational program “Te Me Um” – which includes the acquisition of educational materials and the funding of a 3D printer – as well as the “ReCorEA” project, in favor of the resilience of coral reefs and their associated ecosystems. This local project, led by the AGRNSM, has notably enabled the recruitment of project manager Clément Bonnardel. During this visit, the representatives of the OFB were able to reiterate their commitment to supporting the ongoing collaboration and praised the excellence of the work carried out by the local associative team.

Another aspect of the partnership between the OFB and the management team concerns surveillance. Antonny Grolleau, head of the departmental environmental police service for the OFB, coordinates the regional teams that perform at least twice a year interventions targeting key areas such as hunting, the protection of regulated species, the conservation of natural habitats, and the Water Law. On these occasions, the association provides logistical support to these agents, particularly in terms of information exchange.

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Reinforcing local and regional commitment to the Réserve

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