Collaboration With Local Decision-Makers At The Heart Of The Debates

Action MS36 : Meet and exchange with the managers of protected natural areas of the Lesser Antilles

Action MS20 : Seek new funding sources

Réserves Naturelles de France (RNF), the association that animates the network of managers of all French natural reserves, invited all its overseas members to a videoconference round table on October 10, 2023. The goal for all these managers was to share their experience in terms of territorial collaboration, whether with municipalities or other forms of territorial collectivities. Julien Chalifour took this opportunity to present the unique situation of the island of Saint Martin. He highlighted the challenges and opportunities related to the island’s small size, its high population density, its tourism-focused economy, and the recent changes in its political status. Ultimately, these exchanges allowed for the exploration of new avenues of exchange and collaboration for better integration of the RNN of Saint Martin within the territorial landscape.

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Reinforcing local and regional commitment to the Réserve

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