Discovering Biodiversity While Having Fun

Action CC2 : Publish and distribute communication materials on the heritage of the RN

Thanks to financial support from the EDF Foundation, a 3D printer received through the TeMeUm program, and a good dose of creativity, the educational department has designed “Discovering the Biodiversity of Saint Martin”, a question and answer game on six different themes, all related to the ecosystems of Saint Martin. Consisting of a game board, a die, 61 cards with 364 questions, and hollow tokens in the shape of a thistle – the logo of the natural reserves of France – which players fill by correctly answering questions, this game is suitable for all ages, starting from 4th grade. By the end of June 2024, Vincent Oliva plans to teach this game during a morning session to a class from each of the six selected schools – Happy School, Hervé Williams, Marie-Amélie Leydet, Emile Choisy, Jean de la Fontaine, and Aline Hanson – with the ambition of organizing a tournament in 2025 between the best players from these institutions.

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