News 12 - 2011

The Réserve Naturelle is all in favor of sustainable energy for Saint Martin, as well as making improvements to our sanitation system, but the last remaining acres of undeveloped land should not fall victim to this kind of progress.
Saint Martin should find a way to meet the challenge, as difficult as it may be, of reconciling this kind of necessary development with intelligent environmental protection.
There are several examples where this has been successful around the world, where small insular countries have met such a challenge.
Together, let’s show our support for the future of our island, while at the same time insisting that our natural heritage be preserved. In this light, both the Réserve Naturelle and the Conservatoire du Littoral should be seen as tools that are not limited in scope to just regulating nautical activities or installing moorings, but also as important judicial tools that can help protect outstanding natural sites on our island for many generations to come.

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