A whale of a class

On Friday, April 8, at the request of their teachers, two elementary school classes from the school in Cul-de-Sac invited Amandine Vaslet, Caroline Fleury, and Julie Walker,

To teach them more about their natural environment. Amandine Vaslet, from the program, «My School, My Whale,» taught this young audience about the importance of protecting marine mammals, sharing pedagogical materials created by her association. Julie Walker, presented the Conservatoire du Littoral in Saint Martin, spoke about the Conservatoire to the two classes and explained the importance of wetlands, before taking them on a field trip to the Etang de la Barrière. This school trip continued to the beach at Grandes Cayes, where the three professionals answered questions from the students, and spoke about various means of protecting sea turtles.

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Environmental Communication And Education

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