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Les professeurs sur le terrain | The teachers on the field
Les professeurs sur le terrain | The teachers on the field

As tourism and the environment are closely intertwined, the St Martin branch of the Guadeloupe school board requested that the Réserve Naturelle

organize a training program for the 25 teachers of the tourism classes that were established three years ago. On the morning of April 22, 2016, the theoretic section of this training was held in a restaurant in Grand-Case, where Romain Renoux presented the various activities of the Réserve Naturelle and the Agoa Sanctuary to all of these academics. The practical part took place in the afternoon, aboard the catamaran, ScoobiToo, sailing between Creole Rock, Tintamare, and Pinel, and culminated with a clean up of the beach on the windward side of Tintamare. The teachers were able to witness first hand the work done by the Réserve and the challenges related to the preservation of natural sites. Numerous subjects were covered, including the protection of sea turtles and marine mammals, the threat the lionfish poses to our biodiversity, green iguanas, and pollution. The usage of the Réserve by tourists was also discussed, as well as the partnerships in place with boat rental companies, sports clubs, and the improvements made by Réserve at the most frequently visited sites: discovery trails, moorings, shelters, picnic tables… The teachers were given numerous tools to use during pedagogical outings, as a teacher from Soualiga middle school quickly did during an exchange program with Saint-Barth, in organizing a visit to the two trails at Pinel - underwater and on land - on May 30.

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