Bucket Regatta: an eye out for whales

Bucket Regatta
Bucket Regatta

In the same vein as at the Heineken Regatta in early March 2016,

Agoa met with the organizers of the St Barth Bucket Regatta to increase their awareness about the protection of marine mammals during this nautical event, which took place this year on March 17-20. An informational sheet in English was included in the «race book» given to each crew. Olivier Raynaud, director of St Barth’s Territorial Environmental Agency, and Romain Renoux, representative of Agoa, also made a presentation during the pre-race briefing. They also went out on the committee boat during the race, and equipped with binoculars where able to make sure that no marine mammals got in the way of the large sailboats that participate in this prestigious regatta.

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