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Biodiversity Nursery Project Progress

A recap of activities financially supported by the Foundation of France in Saint Martin— including restauration of mangrove nursery along the edge of the Salines d’Orient pond — took place on October 27, 2022. This presentation provided an opportunity for the Réserve Naturelle to announce its progress on the Biodiversity Nursery Project. Part of the nursery was created by the Réserve to reclaim the natural areas and restore the wetlands badly impacted by hurricane Irma, this project will extend around the nursery. It will comprise restoration of the wetlands historically filled in for the creation of the roadway; the ponds will now be reconnected with the formation of small islands, with the planting of mangrove shoots, and finally adding public amenities including a raised walking path and a bird observation platform. The Réserve Naturelle has already received all of the administrative authorizations required to launch the work of rejuvenating this natural site, which has been in bad shape for too many years.

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