Action CS35 – Promote programs for the acquisition of knowledge about the RNN (priority 1)

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Postponement of the PACO mission

In early December 2022, the Réserve Naturelle hosted two scientists who specialize in coral. They are members of the PACO mission (Coral Adaptive Potential) to support coral reefs in the French West Indies and Mayotte. Their objective was to take samples from three species of coral, two of which are protected, in order to study their genetic diversity as well as the diversity of their growing conditions, with the goal of identifying the specific predispositions of resistant individual coral. The Réserve lent its logistical support—boat, divers— to this initiative. However, lack of administrative authorization for the two protected species, and bad conditions at sea, meant that the samples were unable to be taken. Postponement!

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Understanding and continual study of the natural heritage

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