Action PA5 Achieve pedagogical interventions in the scholastic environment (priority 1)

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The Réserve Naturelle, A Pedagogical Outlook

When invited to share its pedagogical mission with several of its partners, the Réserve Naturelle always replies positively.

Discovery Of Open-Air Activities

On November 2, 3, and 4, 2022, during the Toussaint vacation, 187 enfants from the ages of 7 to 12, from the neighborhoods of Sandy Ground, Concordia, and French Quarter, had the change to discover the island of Pinel and take part in various sports activities. The Réserve did not fail in its task of environmental awareness when responding to the request from the Nautical Club of Saint Martin, the association that organized these three days for the Discovery Of Open-Air Activities. Aude Berger, Ashley Daniel et Brenton Larmonie l organized pedagogical visits in small groups in order to make the children aware of the necessity to protect both marine and terrestrial eco-systems on this small island that welcomes a lot of tourists.

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Ensuring environmental communication, awareness, and education

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