Action PA5 Achieve pedagogical interventions in the scholastic environment (priority 1)

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New Projects For Educational Marine Zones

In 2022, Happy School, recently named an Educational Marine Zone, continued its project for the protection of sea turtles, via a public awareness campaign about the threats created by human activity. At the same time, the school started a study of coral reefs, which gave some of the students an opportunity to take their first underwater dive. These two projects, as well as their ongoing work for the protection of sea turtles—notably with the creation of signage with a QR code for access to a link citing the dangers threatening the sea turtles—will be presented by the students to their teachers and invited guests during the annual Sea Council in order to get their official Educational Marine Zone label. A third class is working on a study of exotic invasive species launched in 2021. Equipped with a GPS, a brochure, an informational sheet for each species, and a camera, each group of five students was assigned to research the different species in a zone close to the beach in Galion. This project will be presented during the Sea Council planned for March 31, 2023.

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