Tintamarre: setting the table !

The eyes of the Réserve Naturelle are turned toward the island of Tintamare, where three new wooden tables have been installed.
This makes a total of six tables that were all fabricated by the carpentry and woodworking students at the polyvalent high school for the Northern Islands.
The tables await those who want to picnic in the shade of the filao trees along the beach, just a few steps from the crystal clear water.
As requested, the agents of the Réserve installed the tables close to each other, in order to accommodate groups of up to 20 people. In order to limit the risk of a fire, two special spots have been allocated for cooking, which is otherwise prohibited.
These spots are equipped with grills that are for the use of visitors.
And as Tintamare does not just comprise the beach in Baie Blanche, the staff of the Réserve also cleaned up an area around the reefs, where they found four 200-liter containers dumped into the sea, a large fishing net and a large bale of plastic wire.

All articles from: Newsletter-16

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