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1500 euros for a bucket of sea snails

Three poachers were held accountable to the gendarmerie’s nautical brigade after rangers from the Réserve stopped them on the beach in Grandes Cayes on July 10, 2012.
The three men had been fishing for sea snails at the Wilderness site and were carrying a bucket containing more than a hundred of these mollusks, in spite of the fact that fishing is prohibited in the Réserve.
The sea snails were put back into the sea, and the poachers were accused of illegal fishing in the Réserve Naturelle.
While awaiting their sentencing in court, they risk a fine of 1500 euros each.

Two kite-surfers accused

The Réserve Naturelle would like to remind everyone that kite surfing is prohibited in the Baie de l’Embouchure, as per an official ruling from the prefecture. In spite of this, certain individuals have not given up trying, even after several warnings by Réserve rangers.
For example, a kite-surfer was caught at Galion, after he took off from the busiest part of the beach on July 10, 2012.
His dossier was sent to the nautical brigade at the gendarmerie, which will convoke the offender.
Shortly thereafter, on August 10, 2012, an instructor who gave kite-surfing courses at Galion, was accused for the second time for practicing a sport forbidden within the Réserve Naturelle.
He was called before the nautical brigade at the gendarmerie.

Fishing gear confiscated

On July 6 off the coast near Grandes Cayes, and again on July 19 near Rocher Créole, a guard stopped two spear fishermen for illegal fishing within the marine park.
Their gear, immediately seized, was returned to them the next day in exchange for a copy of a piece of identification.
The fish they caught were also confiscated.

Jet-skis in the Réserve: a no-no!

The manager of a jet-ski rental company, out with a client aboard a second jet ski, was surprised by Réserve rangers between Pinel and the Pointe des Froussards, on September 3, 2012.
A report was made and sent on to the nautical brigade.

All articles from: Newsletter-16

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