If you fish in the Réserve, you might have to clean the beach!

Nettoyage de la plage de Grandes Cayes

Caught while fishing in the Réserve Naturelle in the company of his father, an adolescent aged 14 - thus legally responsible - was ordered to do five half days of community service... in the Réserve.
In this case, the judicial protection service for minors signed an agreement with the Réserve Naturelle, which could eventually help other young people in similar legal situations.
In late August, the adolescent in question cleaned the beaches of Tintamare, Grandes Cayes, Galion, and Pinel, in the company of a ranger. In addition, his final half day was spent on the Réserve’s boat for a session dedicated to environmental education, during which time a park ranger instructed him about the protection or marine flora and fauna, and the importance of respecting the rules and regulations.

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Managing The Impact Of Human Activities In Protected Areas

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