The Office staff plays the tourists

Romain Renoux, director of Réserve Naturelle, invited a first group of five employees from the Tourist Office to take a day’s holiday in the Réserve Naturelle.
On September 6, as they played at being tourists on the boat belonging to the Réserve, these tourism professionals visited Tintamare, Rocher Créole, Caye Verte and finally Pinel, where everyone in the small group dove under the waves along the underwater trail.
This informal excursion will be renewed for all of the tourist office personnel with an eye toward a better understanding of the island’s natural resources for those who come into contact with visitors on a daily basis.
This event also allowed Renoux to show off the various items provided by the Réserve —picnic tables, shelters, signage and moorings…as well as by its partners— boat rentals, diving clubs, nautical sports…
Over 40,000 tourists visited the Réserve Naturelle in 2011 and helped pay for its financing through the 1.52 euro fee paid per person per day. The fee is collected for the Réserve via its partners.

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