YES, Fishing is forbidden within Réserve

The conchs have been put back into the sea

Is it necessary to remind people that fishing is completely forbidden within the Réserve Naturelle?
Apparently it is, since there have been five times within three months when the rangers of the Réserve reported the fishermen and seized their fishing gear.

On April 4, a ranger of the Réserve surprised a fisherman who had 40 conch shells aboard his boat.
As these mollusks were still alive, they were put back into the water.
Conch is a protected species and totally forbidden to be fished within the Réserve.

On April 6, over Easter weekend, a commercial partner of the Réserve called the rangers and alerted them that three people were aboard a boat and fishing near Caye Verte.
The ranger on duty rapidly arrived on the scene by boat and saw at least 20 fish in the fishermen’s boat, including two nurse sharks, one of which was still alive, although it had been hit with a spear.
Four spear guns were seized, along with scuba diving gear.
The wounded shark swam out to sea after 20 minutes of oxygenation in the water.
The report notes that the fishermen are guilty of an infraction worthy of a fine of 1500 euros.

On April 18, at the Galion surf spot - Baie de l’Embouchure - three rangers of the Réserve, informed by a witness, dove into the water to retrieve a fishnet over 300 meters long.
Numerous fish had already been caught in the mesh, and were freed.
The question must be asked about whether these reef fish, probably carrying the ciguatera toxin, are edible or not.
Where and by whom would they be sold ?
Who would put their health in danger by eating them ?
The net was seized and destroyed.

Ce casier a été saisi et détruit - This fish trap has been seized and destroyed

Un autre filet détruit - Another net distroyed

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