Rangers double as rescue at sea team

L’association de gestion de la Réserve à la bibliothèque territoriale
The management association for the Réserve naturelle met in the territorial library

The Réserve strengthened its professional capacity when chief ranger Franck Roncuzzi obtained his national diploma for rescue-at-sea operations (BNNSA), at the end of threemonth training session, two days per week. Ranger Steeve Ruillet, who already holds this diploma (renewable every five years) took the same training course organized by the prefecture and the National Society For Rescue At Sea (SNSM), to update his knowledge. This diploma authorizes the two rangers to keep an eye on nautical activities at sea as well as zones where people swim, and have the qualifications to offer assistance to a participant on a school trip who needs help.

Two worthy recruits for the management Association of the Réserve

On May 25, 2012, the members of the management association for the Réserve Naturelle de Saint-Martin met in the territorial library in Marigot.
At this time, two high-school teachers, Eunice Augusty Thuleau and Laure Lecurieux, who wanted to become members, were voted in by the other members.
The board of directors was informed that president Alain Richardson and vice-president Ramona Connor has been designated by their peers as representatives of the Collectivité of Saint Martin on the board of the Réserve Naturelle.


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