Réserve and Eco-Site, things Can Sometimes Heat Up Between Neighbors

L’incendie, aux portes de la Réserve naturelle - The fire, right next to the Réserve naturelle
The fire, right next to the Réserve naturelle

The fire that started on June 12 at Eco-Site in Grandes Cayes fortunately did not spread to the Réserve Naturelle, in spite of strong winds that contributed to the expansion of the flames.
The fire did however cause damage to the nearby dry forest, a zone classified as Natural of Ecological, Fauna, and Floral Interest (ZNIEFF).
Thanks to unusual air currents, erratic winds brought smoke and cinders from the fire directly to Rocher Créole.
Rangers took photos that they sent to the National Forestry Office (ONF) as well as to Verde, the company that manages the eco-site.
The start of this fire raises the question of the risk of such fires in this sensitive zone, very close to a protected eco-system.
The Réserve would like to have an anti-fire corridor around the eco-site to help stop the spread of flames.
A meeting is scheduled concerning authorized use of the eco-site, and the Réserve intends to have its voice heard, by asking, for example, for a study to be made on the impact of the eco-site on the marine eco-systems in close proximity

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