Action CS 3 Develop and test programs to restore coral communities and species that depend on the reefs

La Ligue pour la protection des oiseaux (LPO), qui coordonne le programme Life BIODIV’OM en faveur des mérous, lui a donné une large place dans son magazine “L’Oiseau Mag Junior”. Une chance pour les écoliers de Saint-Martin, la LPO ayant offert 900 de ces magazines à la réserve naturelle.
The league for the protection of birds (LPO), which coordinates the LIFE BIODIV’OM project for the protection of Grouper, gave it a large spread in its magazine “L’Oiseau Mag Junior”. The LPO donated 900 of these magazines to the Réserve Naturelle to be d

The LIFE BIODIV’OM Project Advances

On January 14, 2022, the scientific committee for the LIFE BIODIV’OM project met to examine the recent advances made. Amandine Vaslet, an expert ichthyologist, Antoine Lechevalier, an expert geographer, Margot Mesnard, an environmental expert, and Sofia Rockomanovic, an expert biologist, validated the documentation and the strategies to put into place. They also provided their advice to adapt and optimize the actions already deployed. The next committee meeting will be held at the end of 2022. On July 12, the 2022, the LIFE BIODIV’OM steering committee validated all of the work done by the Réserve as part of this project. This committee comprised members of the Réserve Naturelle’s advisory board, presided by the prefect of Saint Martin.

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To promote the conservation of seagrass beds and related marine plant species

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