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Launching Of “See A Grouper” Project

The LIFE BIODIV’OM project promoting the conservation of the Nassau grouper and the Goliath grouper continues. Aude Berger, head of the project, organized the creation and installation of four large informational panels put into place at Marina Fort Louis, the marina at Anse Marcel, and the Baie Blanche beach on the small island of Tintamarre. The idea is to encourage the population at large to participate in the “See A Grouper” observation program (see article below for further details). In early January 2022, an ichthyological dive did not permit the observation of any groupers at that time, even though these fish are seen regularly during dives throughout the year.

20 pages in favor of the grouper population

A collaboration with socio-professionals is on the docket for 2022 concerning the LIFE BIODIV’OM. The idea is for the Réserve Naturelle to work with the professional and recreational fishermen, restaurateurs, and operators of touristic activities to envision the best solution for the management of the grouper population in Saint Martin. A 20-page bilingual awareness brochure provides complete information for all of the professionals as well as the general public, as everyone is invited to participate in the “See A Grouper” project. What you do is send an email—lesyeuxdesmerous@— or call (+590) 690 347 710—and indicate the following information about seeing a Nassau grouper or a Goliath grouper: the date, time; and place of the observation, the species, and approximate size, as well as a photo if possible. Everyone is welcome to participate!

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