Scientific division grows

Caroline Fleury
Caroline Fleury

85 species of birds, 55 of which are protected, can be observed in Saint Martin, proving the island’s ornithological richness. Since the creation of the scientific division of the Réserve Naturelle in 2008, several species have been the object of a scientific study, which consists of regularly observing, taking an inventory, and counting these birds at specific sites. Since February 2015, this division has been reinforced by the arrival of Caroline Fleury, who has a renewable one-year contract. At the age of 26, this young scientist has a degree in earth sciences and the environment and a master’s in the management of natural risks and technologies. Every month, she ensures the inventory and monitoring of the shorebirds found near the salt ponds, and once each week she also checks on the Brown Noddy and Tropicbirds at Tintamare, Green Cay, and Rocher Créole. This dates, included in the Réserve’s annual report, is shared in order to increase knowledge about these protected species on a national international level. This newest member of the scientific team allows the division to increase its professional capacities and take on new projects engendering better conservation of the natural heritage of Saint Martin. Currently getting additional training, Fleury will soon have her responsibilities extending to cover all of the land-based issues, especially monitoring of the flora on our island, comprising native and invasive species.

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