The BioHab project honored

Le projet BioHab | The BioHab project
Le projet BioHab | The BioHab project

The Réserve de Saint-Martin was represented at the Sublimo-Driver colloquium, which took place on Embiez Island, April 24-27, 2015. Julien Chalifour presented the first results from the BioHab Project, concerning the implantation of light, artificial habitats, in the presence of international specialists for ecological marine reconstruction. In the current context of overall deterioration of the littoral, the idea of this first colloquium on ecological marine restoration was to help increase scientific information, comprehension, and management of the renewal of marine resources and find sustainable solutions. These meetings should lead to the formation of new partnerships for the improved preservation of our natural heritage, and also embracing new technologies for the rehabilitation of zones that have been damaged by human activity.

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