17 moorings in good shape at Tintamare

Tintamare mouillages | Moorings
Tintamare mouillages | Moorings

The 17 mooring buoys placed at the disposition of boaters in front of the Bay Blanche Beach in Tintamare were all revised and replaced if necessary. These buoys are connected to their mooring blocks by a cord made of steel and nylon that should resist damage by propeller blades as well as attempted theft. At the same time, all of the moorings and buoys installed at various dive sites were also verified, repaired, and eventually replaced if need be.

In late April, the cross of Saint-André and the light atop the large yellow buoy marking the boundary of the Réserve Naturelle near Rocher Créole have disappeared, most likely during a collision with a boat. The Réserve invites anyone with information about these items to contact Franck Roncuzzi at 06 90 57 95 55, without risk of punishment. To repair the buoy costs 1,200 euros and the Réserve would be relieved to recover the cross and the light, even if they are damaged.

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