Everything you need to know about Halophilia stipulacea

Éva Moisan
Éva Moisan

Eva Moisan, a Professional Masters student at the corsican University of Corte, is studying “Integrated Coastal Management and Ecosystems”. Working as an intern at the Reserve from February 24th to August 8th, with the support of Julien Chalifour, Head of the Scientific Division, she has devoted herself to the study of Halophilia Stipulacea, an invasive species introduced through boat anchors that can slowly overtake native sea grass. The student has to find the answers to a series of questions. Where are the species present? Are they progressing? Are they digressing? Will they stabilize? What is their relationship with the local fauna and flora? Will they seek to replace the native sea grass composed of Syringdium and Thalassia, or are they going to colonize space left vacant by the other two species? How are fish, shellfish and crustaceans reacting to these new algae that are much shorter cropped than the two species to which they are accustomed? Are they going to feed on them? Patience. Most of the answers to these questions will be published in the Reserve’s next newsletter. In the meantime, we wish Eva the best of luck in her research.

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