Artificial reefs to help the survival of species

Le récif artificiel The artificial reef
Le récif artificiel The artificial reef

Adrien Tonon, a Masters 1 student at the University of La Rochelle, is being hosted by the Reserve from April 14th until June 6th. During these two months, he is working on constructing an artificial underwater habitat, a pilot project destined to become a choice habitat for thousands of larvae, which will ensure their survival. The student has already started writing up a summary of all the principal works published on the subject of how these artificial reefs work and that exist the world over. These reefs have different functions. The can serve as dive sites, support the production of biodiversity through larval survival (as in Saint Martin), protect a coastline or even encourage fish to gather to help fishing. Adrien will then focus on building the reef, made up of air blocks, and whose implementation has already started within the reserve’s territory. The establishment of this first experimental reef will be followed by a second reef. The second reef will be accessible to divers, allowing the Reserve to measure the impact of human activity on these artificial, but very alive, habitats.

Adrien Tonon

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